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Return of the Robin Procedures – Graham Arena Complex

  • Arrive 15 minutes before scheduled ice time.  No earlier.
  • Depart no more than 15 minutes after (no showers available).
  • No beer or lounging around after you skate in the locker room or in the lobby.(All are welcome to hang out in Graham 2 pre or post)
  • All entering the Graham Arena Complex are required to have a mask on at all times.
  • Limited bathroom availability and only in the locker rooms and in the arenas – no lobby access or bathrooms.
  • No drinking fountains.
  • Spectators are limited to two per player.
  • Locker rooms are assigned and limited seating is available as marked.  Additional seating is available outside of each locker room.
  • The Graham Arena lobby is closed to all with no access to other arenas using the lobby.  If you play in G1 or G3 you need to park and use the west side entrance.  If you play in G4 or  plan to attend the social in G2 then you need to park and use the east side entrance.  The lobby is closed for access for all players, referees, and spectators.
  • The ROTR social in G2 needs to be cleared out and doors locked at 11:00pm.  All staff and guests will need to depart by 10:45pm.

Return of the Robin Procedures – Rochester Recreation Center 

Visiting Team and Home Team

  • Visiting and Home teams will not be allowed to enter until 15 minutes before game time. They need to be partially dressed since some players will be changing out in a public area. They need to be out of the facility 15 minutes after the event. Please enter door #1.
  • Teams may not congregate in the locker rooms, lobbies, or other common areas.
  • Teams must use the assigned exits.
  • Showers on-site are not available.  
  • Masks are required at all times both on and off the ice by all players and team personnel.


  • Fans may enter door 1 at the time of the game and proceed to the assigned seating areas.
  • South Rink: Enter door 1, sit in the blue seating, and exit the concession lobby doors.
  • North Rink: Enter door 1, the viewing area is in the catwalk. Exit door #7.


  • Officials should arrive no earlier then 20 minutes before the first game they officiate. Upon arrival, please enter door #3, the Rec Center Office door. The staff will direct you to your changing area (Grizzlies Locker Room). Please exit the building as soon as possible after the game. 
  • Exit the building by the south stairwell.
  • Masks are required for all officials, both on and off the ice.

Food, Drink, & Smoking

  • The Rochester Recreation Center is smoke-free. This includes smokeless tobacco products.
  • The Rochester Recreation Center is a multi-use facility. Based on the current MDH guidelines outside food and beverages will not be allowed during the tournament. Graham Arena 2 is being used for this purpose.


We have 22 divisions for every player level! Registration Deadline is March 1st or until brackets are full.



We have several opportunities to get involved. Join us in making a difference in the hockey community!



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