• Each player must register and sign player waiver before the scheduled time of their team’s first game they intend to play.
  • All team participants must sign a Return of the Robin liability waiver at time of registration.
  • Players will be given a Return of the Robin helmet sticker.  In order to participate on the ice all players must have the Return of the Robin helmet sticker on the back of their helmet.  
  • Players (subs) are allowed but they must register, sign a liability form, and have a helmet sticker before the start time of their team’s next game. (You cannot sub onto a team if you are registered with a different team in the same tournament; a player can only play for on team; once registered that is the only team you may play with, unless permission has been given from Tournament Director). 


  • All players or any non-player team associates (coaches, managers etc.) must be a registered participant if they plan to be on the ice, team bench or locker rooms.
  • All players/teams must abide to the age and skill requirement of their division. Any exception must be confirmed by the ROTR Director.
  • All players must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Coed Teams must maintain two female players on the ice at all times, excluding goalies
  • Goalies may be of any age regardless of age restrictions.


  • There will be two officials governing each game.
  • The official’s ruling is absolute for that game.
  • Any harassing of the officials will not be tolerated and can result in discipline actions taken by the ROTR Committee… up to team ejection for current and subsequent ROTR tournaments.

Sports Rules

  • Slap shots are not permitted. Slap shots are defined as a stick rose above the waist. The penalty shall be a face-off in the violating team’s zone.
  • No checking will be allowed. Penalty results in a 2-minute penalty. The official’s call is absolute and  not subject to protest.
  • Face-offs after a penalty will be in the offending teams zone. 
  • Fighting is not tolerated in the ROTR. If an official tosses a player for fighting they are ejected from the game and also the next game. The official’s call on fighting is absolute.
  • Each team will be granted one 30 second timeout per game.




  • 3 minute warm up
  • 3 – 17 minute running time periods
  • Two, 1 minute period breaks
  • Stop time only takes place in the last two minutes of the game if the score margin of the game is within 1 point.
  • OT format is:
    •  1st round 3 player shoot out; 
    • 2nd round shoot out is sudden death, each team must shoot entire roster before repeat shooters are allowed
  • The game format is a three game Round Robin format.
  • Selects and Coed division will feature additional championship and consolation games

No Show Penalty

Teams that do not show up for a scheduled game will be charged a no-show penalty of $100. Fine will be paid to the opposing team. If you no-show you may be banned from future Robin Tournaments.


  • A team may submit a protest to the ROTR committee.
  • Each member of the ROTR committee will review submitted protests and vote on appropriate action.
  • The ruling decision will be majority vote of the ROTR Committee
  • Teams may submit a protest by filling out a form at the ROTR registrations table

Standings Tie Breakers

  • Head to head record
  • Goal differential
  • Fewest goals against
  • Lightest player on team beer chug race



    2 pts


    1 pt

OT Win

    2 pts


    0 pts